Zanatta vows to fight in Albany for much needed infrastructure improvements on the south shore. Zanatta says action is needed now, not bureaucracy or talk.

Staten Island, NY – As Staten Island residents began their morning commuting to work and school, many on the south shore were faced with an all too common miserable commute, limited options and too many delays.

“No community should lose already scarce public transit every time there is a heavy rainfall. The issue of flooding along the Staten Island rail line has been brought to the attention of the city and state many times over the years yet the problem persists. After Superstorm Sandy, our community called for the protection of our low-lying train line particularly in the vicinity of Richmond Valley and Tottenville. This morning’s shut down is not a rare occurrence. Flooding along the line has consistently taken trains out of service leaving commuters with few options to get to and from work, home and school,” Ashley Zanatta, Republican candidate for NYS Assembly said. “When I announced my candidacy for State Assembly just a week ago, I promised to be a champion for my community in Albany to bring much needed infrastructure projects to the south shore. This is one example of how the state and city have failed us, and why we need new leadership in Albany to bring these important projects to fruition,” she concluded.

Beyond today’s shutdown, Staten Island Rapid Transit has had to delay or cancel service on several other occasions due to flooding. With only one train line, this vital transit option must be protected and made more resilient. In addition to protecting Staten Island’s only commuter rail line from flooding, Assembly candidate Zanatta is calling for more options to help ease the nightmarish commute. “We must ensure reliable transportation for the constituents of Staten Island by providing transit alternatives such as expanded express bus options and fast ferry, and fighting for the necessary resources to expedite infrastructure improvements,” Zanatta said. “This flooding is occurring on a more frequent basis and is not a surprise to our leaders in state and city government, yet nothing is done. Time and time again our transportation system is delayed, shut down or out of service inconveniencing our residents. The MTA needs more support to provide the necessary services required for the south shore. The lack of action by state and city agencies to meet the needs of our residents has left us up a creek without a paddle,” Zanatta said.

Zanatta continued, “Over development – particularly on the south shore – has taken away many of our natural areas that once helped absorb rainwater. If infrastructure improvements are so far off, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation should scrutinize new development adjacent to wetlands until the community can take on more development and infrastructure is in place to prevent flooding.”
Ashley Zanatta is a Republican candidate for NYS Assembly in the 62nd District. Ms. Zanatta is a life-long Staten Island resident, currently residing in Annadale.