Second challenger emerges in race for South Shore Assembly seat

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Ashley Zanatta, a public health advocate, is running for the South Shore’s state Assembly seat.

Zanatta, a 27-year-old South Shore native, told the Advance on Wednesday that her campaign will focus on addressing the borough’s opioid crisis, infrastructure  and the deer population. 

“I’m one of those people who believe there’s no better time to do anything than the present,” Zanatta said. “I think it’s important to fight for the community and at this point there’s a need to get involved and make substantial changes to improve quality of life not only for our current generation, but for future generations.”

The political newcomer said she was looking forward to running for a seat where endorsements from previous incumbents have played too big a role.

“I think it’s apparent that there is a boys’ club, but I also think it’s important that that doesn’t hurt other people from fighting and going for a position if they feel they’re best qualified,” said Zanatta. “I think history will show, especially on the South Shore, it’s been a male dominated seat.

“New blood isn’t a bad thing,” she added.

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